Some of y’all constantly talk shit about white people but thirst HARD AS SHIT like your throat is the gatdamn Sahara Desert after white boys… The fuck, what are y’all doing?

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You have a significant portion of Black people who believe that they can somehow educate white people out of racism


as if white people are ignorant to what they are doing? 

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The Info: List of NON Black Owned hair care products. Do not Support



  1. African Pride
  2. African Best
  3. African Gold
  4. Affirm
  5. Always Natural
  6. Afro sheen
  7. Ampro
  8. AtOne
  9. ApHogee
  10. Bantu Hair color
  11. Beautiful Beginnings
  12. Better Braids
  13. Bone Strait
  14. Botanicals
  15. Black Sassy
  16. Black and White Ointment
  17. Blue Magic
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white people make up black attackers: master post.



Okay I am posting this just because I want to save it and keep it for future reference. There is nothing in here that hasn’t been said before. Please print this out and put it on your damn fridge or in your first aid kits along with a set of pliers to pull your own damn teeth out when you can’t handle saying the same shit 20 times a day to grown white people.

White folks like to do heinous shit and blame it on mysterious generic black men and women.  This isn’t just a dated thing from some long ass time ago, this is a current and normalized trend and here are just some of the biggest stories I could find.

Okay, let’s look at some examples of white people doing shady insane shit and blaming generic black men and women.

okay? Remember Bethany Sorro?


Bethany Sorro claimed a black woman threw acid on her face.  Turned out to be a hoax - there was no black woman attacker, she did it to herself.

How about Bryan Douglas Wells, the pizza-delivery man turned bank robber?


He told a bank that three black men had tied a bomb under his neck in order to rob a bank.  Turns out he and his white friends were full of shit, but that didn’t stop them from accidentally detonating the bomb and killing him in the process.

Or hey, how bout Susan Smith? 


The white woman who murdered her own children and then claimed a black man had done it? Huh, sounds familiar.  Turns out she didn’t really like her own damn kids.

Or Charles Stuart  who killed his own wife n kids and then claimed a generic young black man had enacted this horrific tragedy on his whole damn family?


He only got caught because his brother admitted to helping him kill his wife n kids, and up until then the police had booked a slough of young black male suspects in hopes of pinning this shit on someone.

or Ashley Todd, 


who, in the midst of the 2008 US presidential election, claimed a black Obama supporter had attacked her in a politically-motivated “mugging.”  Turns out, she was full of shit.

or Philidelphia Police Sgt. Robert Ralston, who claimed a black man shot him in the foot?


But actually he admitted to shooting himself in the foot, and had no reason when questioned why.  

Or how about, Conrad Zdzierak, this white man from Ohio who robbed banks:


dressed in this black mask:

so that he would look like a black dude:


and so that, he would hope, a black man would be arrested and charged in his place?

So, can I just say, I and any other folks of color who ain’t got no fucking time for you and your white tears have good cause.  I’ll reserve my damn judgement for when yall aint consistently full of shit.

Okay.  If you know more of these stories please add them and feel free to edit this post.  I came back and added a few based on stories I simply had not noticed.

Thank you, this has been a post.

Oh look one of many new stories to add to this list: 

White babysitter has her white boyfriend rob her employer’s house, blames random black man when it was really her white boyfriend.

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