Not every guy who compliments you on the street or says something nice to you is trying to get with you. A dude can say hello and wave to some of you women and you’ll mace him and cry…

I feel like the only women who aren’t friendly back are girls who were raised in a household to think otherwise. My household is southern and in the south, You’re the rude one if you don’t say hi or at least smile back. Regardless of gender. Acknowledging is different than introducing yourself and giving out phone numbers. Acknowledging is just being courteous and polite.

Thank you for this. This was the best response I’ve gotten on this post that I wish I had not made. 

Much respect Sister. Don’t mind the others who do not think rationally about these things.

Shout out to every Woman that looks at Black men exactly like white folks do thinking we’re all potentially dangerous and violent. Thinking just because some act one way its to risky to think others won’t. That bs excuse has been getting us murdered, harassed and then murdered, imprisoned for years for nothing and wrongfully sentenced to death on top of other things, but thanks we appreciate that. Do y’all hear yourselves? Most of the people in the comments sound like white women from the 40’s and now. If u asked all the white women why they got Black men lynched, murdered, or jailed they would give the same reasoning. Guess ten years from now y’all gone be shooting innocent Black men too?

You do realize you brought black men into this…when it just said men.
But here’s the death statistics for black women. We’re 4 times more likely to murdered than white women again this says nothing about who’s killing us but most crimes against black people are by other black people, just like with other races white people are murdering each other too, so it can be assumed that a majority of these homicides are done black people. Also women are more likely to be murdered by intimate male partners, and males in general, now if a majority of these women are being murdered by black ppl who are males males then we as the black community have an issue with violence against our women. Just like how we need to talk about the violence against our men but our women are usually ignored. But then again you brought race into the conversation probably just to be divisive and whine about how black men are treated by black women.

I brought Black men up based off of logical thinking. Black people are normally around Black people so just like with domestic violence if it happens its probably done by another Black person.Plus based on everyone and the op i’m gonna go out on a limb and guess there all  not talking about Asian men. Idk maybe i’m the only one that automatically means Black when i say men or women. Sis just like i told another person i’m aware of the stats and i didn’t say violence towards women didn’t happen or that it was ok, but i have yet to see the logical reason for some Black women  to look at all Black men like they are potentially dangerous when we kill each other waaaaay more than we harm Black women yet we aren’t fearful or scared of each other. All i said was automatically looking at us as being potentially dangerous because of what some of us do sounds strangely like what white folks do simple as that.


why I don’t fuck with this poc solidarity:
poc have enslaved blacks
poc who are fairer skinned treat blacks like shit
poc shame dark skin
poc have done the exact same shit as whites
poc taught us self hatred

I don’t see no difference between people of colour and whites because poc who are fairer skinned still have privilege and if us, blacks went to their countries they’d treat us like slaves. I don’t buy this poc shit.

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