Case in point:

Though using race or color as a qualification for a job is illegal in the U.S., it is still widely, and openly, practiced when choosing actors for movies and TV.

Dolores R. sent in an example of a casting call for an Acura commercial that shows how race and skin color requirements are explicitly stated. The role is for an African American car dealer; however, the description calls for someone who is “not too dark”.


The casting document was posted by Oh No They Didn’t! after an African-American actor who didn’t fit the profile passed it on to them. Someone at the casting agency claimed that the reason they didn’t want an actor who was “too dark” was that it would make lighting and special effects more difficult.


Acura has apologized, though as Forbes points out, they probably had little to do with the actual casting process; the casting call was mostly likely written within the casting agency.

My local news did a poll and 72% of people in southern California did not have a problem with this.  I just want to move to a deserted island with internet access.

“Maybe no Black people showed up to the audition?”

(via wontbetelevised)

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    I stand corrected. I’ve seen people using the BFOQ exemption before to defend race-specific casting and did not read the...
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    [Image: Screen shot of a casting call with “role details” section highlighted. It reads “Nice looking, friendly. Not too...
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    This is absolutely illegal. BFOQs are exceptions to title vii of the civil rights act of 1964. They are affirmative...
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    As a sometimes-stage-actor, I can say that discriminating (though I don’t think that’s really an accurate word to use)...
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    As a VFX/film student, I can honestly say that dark skin complexion is a legitimate hassle in terms of the reasons...
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