Scarface Says Whites Control And Destroy Hip Hop And It'll Be Stolen Like Rock N Roll In 25 Years







John the Baptist

“The people in control of Hip Hop are so fucking white and so fucking Jewish, they don’t give a fuck about what the culture is about. I want to make this as offensive as possible for the old ass punks who are running the record labels…and dictate what the black community hears. I hate that shit it pisses me off. There no fucking way you can tell me it’s not a conspiracy. You put out a bunch of records that make us look dumb and stupid. You brainwash a generation of Hip Hoppers with this fucking crud. Hip hop is white now.”

“It’s our culture, stay the fuck out of it. This is our shit. I don’t like when a old ass 75 year old dude that ain’t never been to the neighborhood and never tried to embrace this culture can try to dictate whats hot and what’s not. That’s what I want the youngsters to do. Protect the integrity of the craft. In 25 Hip Hip will have a new face and a new hero…like rock n roll… Elvis will be the face of Hip Hop.”

Like I was talking about last week, Scarface is one of the greatest to ever do it. And if there’s anyone qualified to say something like this, it would be him. 

I think he’s doing his (very valid) statement a disservice by name dropping Jews because it turns the focus of this debate into whether or not being racist instead of focusing on how he’s 100% correct that a bunch of old corny ass white men control hip hop music. 

But it’s true though. … like Rock n Roll.. and Jazz….

I agree but the anti-semitism is never necessary

you can be mad or offended, but truth is truth

We are the original Semites. These are just white Zionists.

^^Exactly. What kills me is that my people are so quick to come to someone else’s rescue knowing these white folks don’t care about them. Scarface said EXACTLY what he was supposed to say.

(Source: saybrah)

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    I think this is really relevant especially considering Macklemore got the AMA for rap/hip hop album. That’s bullshit....
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