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The majority of people are centric thinkers. It's only important enough to say something about it if it affects them directly. I have to actively work against that mentality, but I can't honestly say I'm always successful.

Yeah I notice it a lot I’ve done it also but what I don’t understand is the minds of people that care so much about strange things like Steve jobs/apple. It’s like driving down the street on Thanksgiving night seeing lines of people outside of stores like Best Buy 10 hrs before it even opens. I always have the urge to just walk past them shaking my head. I feel like a capitalist country breeds materialistic people. People tend to care less about big issues, or even notice big issues but they are very in touch with everything else. It’s like if I wanted to get people to help marching in Atl for minority/African American/feminist/everyone’s Issues it would be a lot harder to get a following than it would be for apple to get huge groups of people waiting outside their stores for a new phone when the only difference from the old one is (for example) the color.

The importance to some people about certain things shows even through the computer through how many notes something meaningless or popular can get, but something of actual substance makes people uncomfortable and gets avoided or ridiculed by most.

Victoria's Secret Revealed? Involves child labor in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest nations in West Africa.

Capitalism is used to make kids like this little girl in Africa pick cotton just because of the greed of businesses like Victoria’s Secret. (click link above)

Feed Me Revolution.™: Socialism is a key step in the war against the oppression of minorities


Wherever we went, we were immensely impressed by the results of the fierce struggle that had been waged against racism after the triumph of the revolution. The first executive decrees of the new government had been to abolish segregation in the cities, brought to Cuba by corrupt capitalists from the United States. Now it was simply a crime to discriminate against Black people in any way, including the use of racist language. What was more important, of course, was the destruction of the material base of racism — weeding it out of the economy. During our trip, we saw Black people in leadership in factories, schools, hospitals and wherever else we went. It was clear to us — and Kendra, Carlos and I, the three Black members, incessantly discussed it — that only under socialism could this fight against racism have been so successfully executed.”

passage from Angela Davis an Autobiography pg 210 on her trip to Cuba in 1969

The strange thing that is in 1969 Cuba was beyond the point America is with minorities in 2011. Mostly everything we hear in America about non capitalist countries are lies and propaganda. Knowledge is power.

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Whiteness and the 99%...


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